Wanderings, established in July 1993, began as an effort by parents Tony and Barbara Lombardo to convince their wanderlust daughter, Terri, to return to the United States and get to know her family again. ​

Terri had spent several years wandering all over the world with a backpack, working odd jobs to support a lifestyle that had her sleeping in youth hostels, tents, and sometimes in the back of trucks. 


When Terri had briefly returned home in 1991 for the Christmas holidays, she looked like a ghost of her former self. She had lost 50 plus pounds because of her contraction of parasites while eating the native delicacies of countries such as China, India and the Philippines. 

Her parents convinced her to open a small international craft shop in Havana, Florida where she could travel a couple of times a year and stock her store with the crafts that she bought on her international travels. Terri embraced the idea and Wanderings was founded. 


Terri and her Dad tended to love the more primitive, handmade crafts that come from the more remote regions of the world, and they traveled together to find these pieces. When they first opened, their display of primitive figures from New Guinea, masks from Africa and blow guns from tribes in South America, while very different, did not sit too well with some of the locals that reside in this deep Southern town of Havana. In fact, some would walk into Wanderings, look horrified and walk right back out, interpreting the collection as a home for evil spirits. 

While the international craft concept was fun, it did not take long to realize that they had to temper their more mysterious likes and blend in some traditional pieces, such as Native American crafts. 

Wanderings has evolved with the times. When the economy turned, Wanderings recognized that even in bad times, women sought hand crafted, beautiful jewelry, so Wanderings not only began to diversify their product line, but also broaden their line of hand-made designer jewelry, currently offering over 16 cases of quality, affordable jewelry. 

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While Wanderings was always known for unique, decorative accent pieces purchased during their travels, they began to expand their furniture lines, adding lines of tables, chairs and bedroom sets. Most recently, they added major lines of leather and fabric upholstered furniture. 

The store expanded in 1996 and relocated to its current location, an old historic building from the Havana tobacco era where it currently enjoys over 6000 square feet of space filled with all kinds of treasures. 

Wanderings is a highly diversified furniture, gift and jewelry store. They have retained a bit of their unique character from their many international travels from faraway places such as India or Africa, but they also cater to the more traditional customer and are carrying many lines of furniture that will fit in any home that desires good quality, affordable furniture from reputable manufacturers such as Palliser, Craftmaster, and International Furniture Direct.